All about the 3 in 1 Golf Practice Set Mat Driving Net Chipping Net and Bag

All about the 3 in 1 Golf Practice Set Mat Driving Net Chipping Net and Bag

Quality 5star
Design 5star
Overall Value 5star

Do you want to be skilful enough in playing golf? You do not have to worry as the manufacturer creates the 3 in 1 golf Practice Set Mat Driving Net Chipping Net and Bag you can experience convenience in practicing well your skills in playing golf.

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The 3 in 1 golf Practice Set Mat Driving Net Chipping Net and Bag has its following essential uses for the costumers.

  • The driving net has its two expandable fibre glass poles which you can extend.
  • Its 23-by-26 inch chipping net is also functioning indoors and outdoors. This is also resistant to whatever the type of weather is.
  • The driving mat has its first-class nylon artificial grass texture or surface with heavy duty rubber-base. For the easier assembly of the material, the Velcro has been removed and the length of the sleeve has been increased.

The costumers find its advantages of being sturdy which is very important in times when you use it during the windy days. It also has the high-class materials which compose the whole package and the most advantage of this is its high resistance to the weather condition.

It also has its disadvantages like being heavy and cannot be assembled by one person only.

The Costumer’s reviews

The costumers gave the ratings of 3.8 out of 5 stars. This means that half of the users are satisfied with this but the remaining half are not pleased with what these benefits. And here are the following statements which supports the costumers review.

“Bad net” this is one of the feedbacks that the product had received. The costumer has said that this has a “weak and flimsy” net.

“My husband loves it” one of the positive statements the product have received. This has been the stress reliever for her husband. He loves it because this is so easy to set up though it has to take two persons to stand it up.

“Works Great for Beginners”- this is another good feedback by the users. This helps the beginners to create skilful techniques and strategies for golf practicing.

“This is a decent net”- the costumer has thought about the product because of its good set up. Though some of the users complain about the net stopping the balls, but you just have to make it right with the Callaway and Izzo nets.

“Highly recommended” –this what one of the costumer posted as one of the feedbacks of this products. He loves this as his golf hitting net because of its well-built and the poles are thicker and straight. Its thickness makes it stronger which other products are not. The money that he had spent is worth paying for this product.

“This is for the troops “- this net has been an advantage too for the armed troops in other countries. The one who posted this review have been e-mailed by the troops which are enjoying the benefits of the chipping and driving net system during their off duty hours.

“Great for the Backyard” -this has been highly recommended by the user because it has been better than any other product he or she had tried. The delivery of the product is also quick as he or she is expecting.

“It is great for the money”- this is what another costumer has said after trying this product. For him or her, though the product cannot be easily assembled, but it is still useful in such ways that it gives also entertainment.

“Sturdy and I use it in my Basement”- it has its strength to stand and it is a good choice for the other customers who will use it also. The costumer has been satisfied and happy of the choice that he has made in choosing this product.

Though it has good feedbacks, it is expected that it also has negative feedbacks. One of the users of this product complained because he has already blasted two holes to his golf practice net.

Negative feedback will never be avoided but then the positive one is always there. One of the users of this product sees this as an ideal and awesome golf net because he can really have the golf practice nets very well every time he uses it.

There is nothing wrong to choose the best for your own sake and convenience. But make sure that the one you have chosen are already tested and proven by others who have used it already. The said statement will give you the hint if you will choose this product for practicing your skills in golf. These statements will give you the idea if this is an ideal one for you.

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